Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Thinking, feeling and behaving are all organised through our brain. As human beings, we are creatures of habit in what we think, what we feel and what we do. Some habits are useful, while others can be ineffective and limiting. NLP gives us the understanding at a practical level, how to make sense of our experiences and interacting with others. NLP has the tools to make changes fast, safe and effective.

If you feel that one area of our life is not working NLP can help and give you understanding of your own individual patterns. More than this NLP has the tools to change and fine-tune your patterns and gives you a deep understanding of yourself. NLP can be used across all aspects of life, whether it is for your personal development or therapy, to enhance your business skills, in sports and in education.

Are you looking to achieve your personal goals, increase your performance, achieve weight loss, stop smoking, eliminate phobias, increase your confidence or self esteem, overcome trauma, remove unwanted habits, behaviours or chronic pain i.e. a frozen shoulder? Simply, NLP can be used in any situation to enable you to truly achieve your specific goals and outcomes.

Kate Jakobsson is a Master practitioner of NLP, will initially give you a free consultation over the phone and then book you a one to one appointment accordance to your needs. All appointments are to highest standard and confidentiality.

Prices vary depending on appointment time.

Average time, 1.5 hrs 350 (At Clinic).

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