Concentrated Herbal Skin Care

Centre-Of-Health welcomes you to the Philosophy of Regeneration, as presented by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, who, with his wife, Oi- Lin Chen are, owners of SUNRIDER INTERNATIONAL.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen is a world renowned herbalist and licensed pharmacist. His wife Dr. Oi-Lin Chen is a licensed medical doctor and President of Sunrider International.

The Philosophy of Regeneration is the blue print for every Sunrider product. The philosophy of Regeneration is the reason why Surider products are unique, effective, and are of the highest quality.

Dr. Chenís Concentrated Herbal Skin Care Products are based on the same Philosophy of Regeneration as his Concentrated Herbal foods. Your skin is a living organ, and it too must be nourished, and cleansed. What you put on your skin gets into your bloodstream.

Here is some of Dr. Chenís award winning skin care products.

Please go to the Website: to see many more amazing products. You may purchase products from the Sunrider website, but you must be a registered Customer. To join the company, you need to be sponsored, and Centre-Of-Health Director is happy to sponsor Customers. Just fill in his full name, and Email address when requested on the online form. These are: Earth G Seasun-Moonstar.

Please note that by doing this you save 30% on purchase, because that is what you would have to pay on the Sunrider cost price if you bought products from Centre-Of-Health, plus delivery. Sunrider gives 10% discount to Customers on purchase above 200 euros, and 20% on purchase above 600 euros. Please note that you will get these discounts on the amount above 200 and 600 euros respectively.
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