Stress Reduction

Approximately seven million working days are lost in the UK annually due to STRESS. There is no doubt that some individuals strive on stress, but in the long term, some people age fast. Yes, there are other factors involve such as genetics, and nutrition, but STRESS KILLS.

The problem is with the FIGHT or FLIGHT instinct reflexes that we were given at birth. If there is danger, adrenalin and cortisol hormones are released to make the heart pump faster, to increase the energy boost. The brain sends the message to the chemical messengers, telling them to prepare the body to FIGHT or FLIGHT. The muscles tense and cholesterol is released into the bloodstream to make it clot more easily, should you be injured. These responses can save lives, but in today’s world they can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancers, stomach ulcers, divorce, and many more.

TREATMENT PROCEEDURE: Your Stress Therapy Session will last two Hours. If you require extra time due to your individual needs you will be charged accordingly. On your first appointment, a consultation between you and the Practitioner will take place. This general assessment will be looked at in relation to your lifestyle factors such as your occupation, leisure activities, dietary habits, hygiene and safety.

(1)THE BIOENERGYSCAN TREATMENT. The System will balance your Meridians, Chakras, Endocrine, and Kundalini energy system. The treatment is very subtle. Relative to your sensitivity, you may or may not feel anything during this treatment, but the treatment will further enhance your sense of well being. Please note that this treatment is non-invasive.

(2) Lymphatic Drainage/Deep Tissue Massage (Pressure is relative to individual preference).

(3) ZEN CHI AEROBIC MASSAGE. The Zen Chin Massage will take place close to the end of your treatment. This is a simple but very powerful treatment. The Practitioner will rest your ankles on the Zen Chi Massager. The Zen Massager will oscillate your ankle from side to side. This motion will work its way upwards throughout your whole body, and increase your blood and lymph circulation (Excellent for people with bad circulation), unblock any blockages in your system, gently re-align your skeletal system, eliminate stress, migraine, Back pain, neck and shoulder tension, ligament and muscle stress, reduce cellulite, repetitive strain injuries, assist weight loss , energise vital life source, relieve PMS, IBS. A lack of exercise can cause nervous tension, poor circulation, and lethargy. The Zen Chi Massager will activate the body’s natural healing system and enhance balance.

YOUR PRACTITIONER, Earth-G Seasun-Moonstar is a member of I.P.T.I, and a certified user of the Energy Scan Bio-Resonance System (Bio-Energy scan for short). He is a specialist Health Coach with ten years experience in Nutrition Analysis, Allergy Testing, and Stress Therapies. His experience has evolved over twenty-five years. He has created a unique treatment based on his experience in disciplines such as Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Zen Chi Massage, Reflexology, Jin Shin, Acupressure, Reiki, and the Alexander Technique. His free flowing interaction between spiritual belief, intellectual understanding, emotional response and physical attitude, leaves you feeling RENEWED and REJUVENATED.


FEE: £180

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